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Fresher of the Year
« on: February 29, 2012, 01:54:02 »
Fresher of the Year - James Boylan Cup

The James Boylan Cup is presented to the "Fresher of the Year" someone who gave their all to the club throughout the year, someone who took what the club had to offer and asked for more. This is the fresher who's face it was unusual not to see at a club event, who's contributions during their year in the club improved the experience of those around them and someone who we expect to go on and contribute immeasurably the future of the club as James did.
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Re: Fresher of the Year
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James Boylan

James Boylan was in my year at UCD.
We were Freshers together in Engineering in 1982 / 1983. He went on to study Mechanical Engineering, while I went into Civil.
He was part of the famous family of shoe and boot makers who originated from Monaghan but lived on Killiney Hill by that stage. The family business closed in the 1990's I think. Many of us proudly wore our Boylan Boots. James used to get some teasing about this, which he shrugged off and gave better slagging back.
James was a very cheery and energetic guy. He was at the heart of our group of first year paddlers, that included Fintan Mahon (by far the best of us), Aideen Burke (who subsequently married Fintan), Ger Doherty, Carolyn Gleeson and Robert (whose second name I can't recall 30 years later). There were a few more whose names I can't recall. Most of us were in engineering, with a few in science.
The club was very small in those days, with only a few fibreglass kayaks that required constant repair, even though we only paddled easy rivers like the Liffey, Boyne, Barrow and Nore. The main thread that held us together was social, even though our parties would have been considered quite tame by later generations of UCDCC. Lack of money and transport was a constraint on our activity, but we were greatly helped by older and graduate members of the club such as Seamus O'Driscoll and Denis Dowling, who were also members of the Espoir Canoe Club based at Seapoint (since sadly defunct). The two clubs joined forces for various trips, mostly sea paddling. (Several years later when the club had the first generation of plastic kayaks, (mirages I recall, and very soft and bendy) Denis introduced us to the Dargle for the first time).
A trip I remember with James was to Graiguenamagh in December 1982 when we nearly froze to death. There was ice in the fields. None of us had wetsuits, so to swim was not a good thing, even if very hard to avoid. James was the first to go into Great Outdoors and buy a wetsuit afterward, which we all thought was highly extravagant. It was a sign of intent on his part and how much he loved paddling. No wonder he went on to become Captain a few years later, which also was recognition of his great popularity.
Another trip was to Sligo for surfing after the exams in June 1983. We hadn't a clue where the good surf spots were and ended up in Cliffony near Mullaghmore - not a great surf break as we found out. (My younger brother Niall was on this trip too, even though he hadn't even done his Inter Cert at that stage). There was consternation when it was discovered that we had no poles for the big scout tent that most of the group were to stay in. I recall James being blamed for this fiasco (whether fair or not). Typically he responded in a positive fashion and led a group into the woods to find suitable timbers for poles, which he rigged up using his engineering talent and saved the day (and night).
In later years the enthusiasm for paddling began to wane in our group as the limitations of what we could do and where we could go took its toll. The club varied in strength from year to year and was only a pale shadow of the vibrant and talented organisation it became with later generations.
After college the lack of work in Ireland drove many of our group to emigrate and we lost touch with each other. It was a great shock when we learnt of James' sudden death a few years later.
He gave more than he got, and I will always remember him fondly as the heart and soul of our little group of freshers in 1982.
- Seamus MacGearailt
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Re: Fresher of the Year
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2021/22 - Conn O'Gorman
2020/21 - Emily Bhreathnach
2019/20 - Sadhbh Ní Ghráda
2018/19 - Conor Knowles
2017/18 - Jack Van Lang
2016/17 - Shanley Shaw
2015/16 - Muireann O'Shea
2014/15 - Adam Farrell
2013/14 - Johannes Thun
2012/13 - Steven Mulrooney
2011/12 - Niall Finch
2010/11 - Livia Tamaska
2009/10 - Maryanne Doyle
2008/09 - Rowan Lacey
2007/08 - Nuala McAuley
2006/07 - Clíodhna Denny
2005/06 - Deirdre Conroy
2004/05 - David Cox
2003/04 - Louise O'Hara
2002/03 - Claire Meagher
2001/02 - Seán Jennings
2000/01 - Rosalyn Leahy
1999/00 - Michael O'Donnell
1998/99 - Derek O'Neill
1997/98 - Aisling Corkery
1996/97 - Alan O'Brien
1995/96 - Richard Pierse
1994/95 - Clíona Pierse
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Re: Fresher of the Year
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When was this last engraved?

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Re: Fresher of the Year
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It never was

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Re: Fresher of the Year
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Just a concept to throw out, as the club gets older and the list of names increases perhaps it would be a nice idea to put a plaque up in the boathouse for each/all of the winners of the different commemorative cups?

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Re: Fresher of the Year
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The fresher cup has a plastic plinth with it that isn't properly secured to it anymore and has no metal band around it for engraving. I reckon the original plinth would fill up nearly with just the names so far. I had considered getting a new, larger plinth attached to it and getting all the past names engraved and there'd still be room for more after.