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Re: Alps 2013
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Slovenia is lovely paddling, you can learn loads there if you push yourself as demonstrated by the guys last year, it's a pleasant spot and in my memories quite warm. But is expensive to get to.

Val Sesia is a lovely spot, but I will say this: I went out when I was a solid level 4 boater, doing level 5 training and I still found it very intimidating. Even at that level I was limited in what I paddled because I was not good enough to get on a lot of the rivers and often reasonably nervous even on the ones I did. It is amazing, I want to go back someday, but I think unless you are a very solid level 4 boater with a bit of experience you will be limited in what you can run.

France would be somewhere I'd love to go back to but every time I try the water levels go mental.

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Re: Alps 2013
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im just going to put this out there............ CHILE !!!!!!! afro.gif

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Re: Alps 2013
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vaguely thinking of going travelling next summer but I'd love to be kept in the loop on this, and maybe sort my shit out and go  :)

I agree with the above, considering the majority of interested peeps are sort of 2nd years, Slovenia would be a superb location...I wouldn't necessarily head back this summer just because I've spent about 3 weeks there and wouldn't mind seeing something else. But as a, relatively, safe training ground it has everything!  :D