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It looks likes I'll have money and holidays this year, so getting the ball rolling, Alps who'd be interested

Kerry Gold:
Ammmmmmmmmm...never mind

Steven Mul:
Think I'd be interested but not sure if I'd be up to it yet and also I'd have to be back for the start of June :P

Same as Steve, I'd love to but I really don't know my paddling level being enough..

Hey guys, I was talking to some people on committee in ULKC when I was home on study break.

We were considering getting together and trying to run a bit of a joint Alps trip (using their resources - bus, van, etc.) They seemed pretty keen as they feel their club don't make enough contact with other clubs either. We could also have car outriders if there were cars - enabling people to go off and do their own thing also.

What does anyone think of the concept?


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