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Go big or go home - spillway time

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Peter O'Sullivan:
Now that levels are high and rain forecast the dodder spillways should be runnable. The Dodder has two. One for each of the upper and lower reservoirs. Last year I took some photos.

The lower looks runnable. The upper looks nuts. Anyone up for a scouting walk, possible running next week? 

I'd be up for a scouting walk after my exams finish on the 15th. The lower section looks like great fun but considering the weather we've had recently the wooded section after it may pose problems. The location is 53.247113,-6.37102  for anyone else that wants to look. Also how big is the tunnel between the upper and lower do you know peter?

sure why not, if I can!

Peter O'Sullivan:
Garbhan, I only thought about running the lower, hadn't considered the tree section or the tunnel. Guessing it has been run before.

Peter O'Sullivan:

--- Quote from: Peter O'Sullivan on January 10, 2014, 13:19:00 ---
The upper looks nuts.

--- End quote ---

Correction, the left line on the upper looks nuts. After having a 2nd look today the right line on the upper looks fine. Some water on them today but still too low. Looking forward to paddling both spillways later.


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