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Re: Paddles :D
« Reply #15 on: May 11, 2014, 16:09:16 »
Well I bought used AT Eddies and got completely new ones form AT because they leaked a bit at the connecting thingy mentioned by Niall (they were still on guarantee) - service seems to be good.

Maybe worth keeping in mind that you're comparing very different blade shapes too.

Probably right, but being a newbie myself I gotta say I took the Eddies for a few strokes and they just felt really good and that's probably better than if you take them and they feel wrong (or worse than others). I'd make sure to try what you get (unless it's super cheap). And well, used stuff can usually be sold without losing much if you don't damage it too much ;)

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Re: Paddles :D
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thank for all the advice guys, i think i'm just going to go far a some half decent set for as cheap as i can get and then move on as i progress. after all they will be my first.

If anyone sees any decent second hand blades let me know :) :)