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Are all under- suits created equally?


So I'm getting a drysuit, and I have some thermals, just wondering what people's preferred layering is in a drysuit and is there anything you would recommend or advise against wearing or buying!

Steven Mul:
I love my kayaking onesie. Thin enough that I don't get too warm (unless I'm absolutely killing myself in which case a quick roll cools me down) but  heavy enough that I've never been cold. I've had no issue with being sweaty underneath after a session either but this could be down to the breathability of the suit itself.

And what onesie is that exactly Steve?

Steven Mul:
It's from I-Canoe I believe. Zog bought it for me. It's a kayaking specific one anyway. Not sure if it's actually Typhoon but it's essentially this one

Niall Finch:
Pair of boardies, woolly socks and one fleece does it for me, if its a cold day I might put on a thin underlayer beneath the fleece, never get too hot or cold though.


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