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The search for a new creek boat begins

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Okay I've been thinking about replacing the Mamba for a number of years as she has served me well but is now showing age in the out fitting and a few other areas.

So looking for your opinion of your current boat or boats you tried out before you settled. Currently money is no object so I will be buying new.

I'm at the heavy end of the spectrum 90kg to 100kg and short so that affects my choice while I can fit in the smallest boat with relative ease I sink them

I like my magnum, good solid boat but also showing it's age, can't help you much else considering the only other creeker I've paddled is a Nomad (which was nice) once...

Peter O'Sullivan:
Your welcome to try my  Shiva any time. It does all the work for me.

Can't say anything bad about the Karma. Lovely and light, no ridiculous outfitting (though I like the Jackson string so I may be in the minority with that one), speedy, manoeuverable.

The Nomad is the greatest creek boat I've ever paddled.
(And also the only one, apart from 5 Minutes in a Burn)


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