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Okay this is a fishing trip again. I think my plan might be to go to Slovenia and do a course with one of the groups out there for a week. Then drive around. Currently looking at ferry and drive down, issue with that is need a reasonable navigator who is also a driver mainly since they can provide advice when driving.

Anyway now is the time to plan. I may also decide screw this and just fly around the world instead

For a second there I thought you were going out to the Alps to fish :P

I have no idea yet as I don't know the details of my placement yet.

Steven Mul:
I'm interested in getting away at some point somewhere. Starting placement at the end of March for 20 weeks so may be able to get a week or two off around mid to late May or start of June.

Would be interested in Slovenia as a warm up before maybe Italy but not sure if I'd want to spend a full week there or if I'd do one of the courses.

Andy J:
I thought the same as Ross for a brief second. I'd love to go to the Alps sometime, work will clash though.

I have a week for Italy, am in Verona for a wedding on the 16th, so should be in Val Sesia from the 18th until the 23rd/24th. Hopefully doing a level 5 training course on either the 18th and 19th, or the 20th and 21st.

Would love if other people wanted to come then too, only option for me due to work really.


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