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Logistics: You will need to either fly and rent or ferry and drive
Rosslare is better than Dublin as the irish roads are just better than trying to cross Wales
Cost of ferry was 216 for me and the car and around 270 if I had more people

Hostel in Cardiff the YHA was five minute drive from the course and was a hotel with bunk beds was 423 for a 4 person room for three nights, really nice hostel.

The course itself needs around 8 cumecs to make it challenging and it has playspots on it. it's around 500m and you can do it in around two minutes if you want

It's £10 plus £5 membership the first time to paddle the entire day there.

Issues might be lack of pump times during the winter months

Overall wish we had one of these in Ireland

It's an easy one to organise and run and it's really good fun

I'll add that Dave Byrne is more than willing to train people on both this course and Tryweren. Tryweren would be from Dublin to holihead and has 2km of dam controlled water it would also be a little bit easier than the whitewater centre in Cardiff. All in all these are two options for a full weekend/weeks training before varsities

Do they have gates up for Slalom or is it purely for river running/freestyle? Was it busy?

They can put up slalom gates, but don't have them up all the time.

It wasn't too busy but you have to get your times right, the closer to summer the busier it will be.


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