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Lots of Gear for Sale!!!!


Hey guys!

I'm selling off some of my gear as I'm moving away in a few months. I'm going to offer it up to ye guys first before putting it up on the FB page. I have photos of all the gear but can't seen to be able to get them on here so if you're interested just let me know and FB might be an easier way.

- Jackson Star 07-09 model - €300
Happy feet and sweet cheeks included. No dents or repairs. Colour green. I put in new back-rest rope recently.

- Palm Dry-cag, women's, size medium - €100
I bought this new and only used it a handful of times. The cuffs are all good as new. Colour lime green/grey

- Kokatat Dry-pants, size small - €50
These have gotten a good bit of wear and have a few repairs. Still a big improvement on a wet suit and when paired with some fleecy pants underneath you'll be toasty on the river!

- PeakUK Neoprene Spray-deck - €20
Deck size: Big
Waist size: XS
This too has had it's fair share of use but is still water-tight. I have two repairs on it. Big step up from the club spray decks


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