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Poopy Dick:
So frankly, in dying to do this. No one seems to have put in too much thought up to now so may as well get the ball rolling

Poopy Dick:
Also, if no one is up for this I saw just there that Colin Wong is running trips to Uganda from mid October to early November.  To be honest I'd be down for anything 😜

Maybe! I'd kind of like to go with UL, but if not then would be free from June 5th. The Uganda thing would be sick also. Hmmmm.

Not Currently looking like I'll have the time to be heading off this summer, if I do go it'd be for seven days max, preferably to france.

Id love to, but hopefully will be in America from the first or second week in June... Could possibly do a few days in may depending on exams but looks unlikely :( Always next year for me i suppose!


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