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Poopy Dick:
Well I've had a hole in my deck for the past few months. It's probably really fixable (might fix it and sell do something with maybe...) but it's just a basic neo deck and I'd like to get a new one, like for Christmas or somin. Any recommendations... Playboat workdeck just the best option, are IR decks over hyped/priced and are there any that I should generally avoid... Also, wouldn't really look at one with an implosion bar.

Can't ice-skate:
Have a playboat work deck, really sturdy but a nightmare to get on, not sure how big the zen cockpit is. Cheap enough as far as I know

Peter O'Sullivan:
Playboater work deck is the way to go. I've a keyhole for playboating and a large for my creeker. Let me know if you want to borrow them to check what size you need for you Zen.


Poopy Dick:

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