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Poopy Dick:
Yup, you heard right (or read even) a few of us have been entertaining the idea that we'd go to Uganda this year... And we've started to more than just entertain the idea. Anyone else tempted (more than just tempted is preferable)

I'm sure everyone's tempted anyway, cause you know... Uganda 😃 but how do you know your down for it? Well... We're trying to figure that out ourselves, but basically the main quote going is you need a solid roll and that's it (probably some other stuff too... But yeah) plan right now is head in and around 17th of August and then back before college. This looks to be possibly the last year you can do it too, as a dam is being built and will have flooded the last of the famous rapids

Who's down? 😁

The important stuff for this year:


Here is a good guide:

Yes Please!!  ;D

Here is another thing to read to pass the time:

Interested but not committing to it yet, need to see if it's possible to take three weeks off work

Sexual Swan Healy:
So jealous if ye go but not gonna work out for me


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