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The idea is to keep some river guides on our forum so anyone can contribute to it with comments and other suggestions as well as links to other discussions we've had about the rivers.

This should allow us to keep a better overview of rivers for the club going forward.

General Format:
Title: [County / Country] River - Diffculty Consequences (eg: [Meath] Boyne 2C or [France] Durance Gorge 4E)
For descriptions of Difficulty and Consequences, see post,12884.msg124444.html#msg124444
Top Post:

* Link to gauge if it exists. Description of reference levels for the gauge also useful.
* Link to Irish Whitewater Guide, if it exists (eg: )
* Links to Get On and Get Off locations on Google Maps (eg: ), descriptions of where to park / other useful information may be good here
* Description of River with each weir, may be useful here to link to comments by other people in the other posts in this thread

Sites with Gauges:
River Spy:

I will update this with proper descriptions from the Guide Book but for now, here's my vague description

Difficulty - A measure of how difficult the river is to paddle, this is generally described as being the river grade (eg: the Boyne is Grade 2, the Annamoe is Grade 3, Clare Glens are Grade 4, etc). This can also be written with a + or - following the number to indicate that it's on the upper / lower end of that grade.

Grade 1 - Flat Calm Water (eg: Swimming Pool, Shallow Lake, etc)
Grade 2 - Flat but moving Water (eg: Liffey, Boyne, etc)
Grade 3 - Some Rapids, requires boat skills to navigate (eg: Annamoe)
Grade 4 - Continuous rapids, requires well developed skills (eg: Clare Glens, Dargle, etc)
Grade 5 - Very difficult, requires careful preparation and planning by highly skilled kayakers
Grade 6 - Maybe think twice about this

Consequences - A measure of the consequences that will be faced by a paddler who makes a mistake on this river. Gives a better understanding of a river, a Difficulty 2 river could easily have very high consequences if the paddler makes a mistake.

A - Little / no consequences
B -
C -
D -
E -
F - Extremely Dangerous

Together: Together these give an overview of a river. A river with a difficulty of 2+ and consequences of C would be written as 2+/C.


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