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Lee Valley in the new year

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Thanks for the advice, I’ve been to cardiff twice before so I want to try something different though. And Lee Valley isnt too hard to get to without a car either.

Peter O'Sullivan:
I was talking to Jayne on Friday about a possible trip to Cardiff over the Easter weekend. I said I would post up some details.

Here's the route

I suggested the van go. The ferry times are Rosslare to Fishguard Thursday 29th of March 18.10 arriving at 21.25. Then on the way back leaving Fishguard on Tuesday the 2nd at 13.10 arriving in Rosslare at 16.25. It would cost 322euro for the van and one passenger.

From talking to Trinity Dan it sounds like an ideal club trip. I haven't been to Cardiff, perhaps its more of a summer trip than an Easter weekend trip.

I'm probably to Fortwilliam that weekend to revisit the Orchy and the Etive. Anyway, this post is mainly to get the ball rolling on possible Easter weekend destination.

You might notice Bala in Wales is also a good option. I've been there a few times and the WW course there is more or less guaranteed water.

The bigger picture here might be the option to do a dry run abroad with the van with the possibility of doing an Alps trip with it!.

Cardiff is awesome, it's cheap, £10 a day. I stayed at the YHA hostel which is like a hotel with bunk beds. You could leave boats on site. Talk to oldie Dave Byrne he is a level 3 instructor and this is where he trains for freestyle. Rosslare is the way to go as trying to cut across Wales is nuts the roads suck north south, your nearly better off driving all the way into England and then south.


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