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Final Deets for Varsities
« on: February 12, 2018, 22:32:13 »
Alright all you Disco People, the fated weekend is very nearly upon us! For the last year, not one committee of UCDCCers, but two whole committees have been working in the background to essentially rock your world. This weekend we'll finally see all the hard work the Varsities committee have been putting in come to fruition.

The whole weekend is yours - t-shirt, free in both nights, registration for your event, and buses to Long Distance and Polo - for only €35. Bank details will be sent out in the coming email.

Please read this post carefully for details of the running of the weekend - since we're not staying in a hostel, you will for the most part be responsible for making sure you get to the right place at the right time yourself.

Whitewater and Freestyle are on Friday, Long Distance and Slalom Saturday, and Polo is on Sunday. If you're not competing in an event, please feel free to come along and spectate. There will be a bus to bring people to Long Distance on Saturday, meeting at the boathouse at 11am. On Sunday, the bus will be at the boathouse to pick up the team and some helpers at 7am, and will then return to pick up spectators at 9am.

If you need to be excused from college to participate in an event, please hightail it down to the Sports Office to pick up an exemption form as soon as you can this week.

BUT WAIT: Varsities isn't all about the paddling. There's more to a college canoe club than that, like cans and camaraderie. With that in mind, we will be predrinking in Drumbeg House (directions to follow, but it's in Goatstown) on Friday night, before hopping on a party bus into MacGowan's of Phibsborough. On Saturday night then, we will be fancy dressing it up in true 1980 fashion in Copan, Rathmines. 1980 isn't totally random here - the theme for the night is Reeling in the Years, and that's what we drew. We take our fancy dress very seriously around here, so be sure to get into the spirit of it!

The documents attached are the Captain's Pack and a scorecard for Freestyle, give them a read if you're interested in how the events run - it's a great overview into different rules, and might give you an inkling of how hard Ross and his helpers have been working. Just as important, though, is the Banter League file - this details how UCDCC can win points for being the absolute best craic this weekend. Believe me, it's one of the most important elements of the competition.

That's about all for the moment, below are the teams for the weekend. It's-jam packed, but it's amazing fun, even if you're only out to spectate - there'll be sponsors and tunes and sexy, sexy paddlers at all the events.

Yours in treasuring,
Ailbhe 4


Freestyle: Simon Grennell
               Mark Hoare
               Shanley Shaw
               Ailbhe Tuohy

Slalom: Rob Hendrick
            Simon Grennell
            Greg Healy
            Ailbhe Tuohy
            Jayne Stephens
            Mark Hoare

Polo: Greg Healy
        Evan O'Keeffe
        Cian Goodrich
        Ailbhe Tuohy
        Simon Grennell
        Mark Hoare
        Emma Baker
        John Finn
        Darren Redmond
        Jonathan O'Brien

Whitewater: The Jayne Stephens
                   Simon Grennell
                   Greg Healy
                   John Enright

Long Distance:
Men's K1 - Simon Grennell, Jack O'Hagan
Men's HP - Gilles Clandillon, Jian/JC
Women's HP: Jayne Stephens
Sea Kayaks: Mark Hoare, Jacqui Mernagh
New Canadian: Shanley Shaw, Jack Lang
Traffic cone Canadian: Ailbhe 4 and Ailbhe C
Duo: John Enright, Cahal Murphy
GP Men's: John Finn, Greg Healy, Jonathan O'Brien, Cian Brannigan, Cathal Gillen (uber-babe), Conor Seery, Luke
GP Women's: Ailbhe Cunningham, Ailbhe Tuohy, Ailbhe O'Halloran, Rebecca Badrick, Belle Tan, Evie Moloney, Emma Baker
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Re: Final Deets for Varsities
« Reply #1 on: February 12, 2018, 23:41:51 »
Banter League group can be found here: