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Week 10 - River trip

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Alright Disco Paddlers,

We are once again on the move to one of our favourite paddling spots, that right its the Wonderful County of hills, and round towers, its Co. Wicklow. for our Week 10 trip :D :D :D Come along to what is promised to be an excellent trip. Great practice opportunities for people thinking of taking part in the upcoming assessments so make sure to sign up. Details are laid out below.  :discopaddler: :discopaddler: :discopaddler: ;D ;D ;D :D :D :D so make sure to get some paddling in Post our AGM meeting :) Seery's top tip of the week: The days are getting colder so make sure to wrap up warm on and off the water and bring some hot drinks with you.
Details are set below so come along to what will be you guessed it another great trip. Sign up closes Thursday Midday (12pm).

Lots of Emoji Love,
Conor  ;)

 When: Sunday 14th April 2019
    Where: Club Section Clara Vale, Co.Wicklow
    PLAN OF ACTION: Meet at the boathouse at 10am. Pack up the trailer and hit the road!   

    If you don't know where the boathouse is, it's on Google maps!: or
 one of our committee members will be at the UCD Pool entrance at 9:45am and will bring you over!

What to bring:
  €10! This covers the cost of the bus and instructors 

•   Warm clothes!!!!
(avoid cotton at all costs! It makes you very, very cold when you’re wet). Anything made out of 'poly-' materials is a good bet!  Fleeces are great! Fleecy pyjamas are even better! Tights make a good layer, especially to pop over your fleecy layers before trying to put on a wetsuit (even the lads should consider investing!!) If you have a wetsuit bring it! If not, the club has a small selection of them...try to get to the boathouse on time to get first pick!

You can never, ever have enough layers!!!
So here’s your essential guide to keeping nice and toasty on the river ;,10222.0.html

•   A pair of old shoes! (Or wet booties if you have them). For this trip socks won’t work...the water is going to be low, so if you come out of the boat, you'll be stepping on rocks (which is not fun in socks!) If you don't have a pair, pop into your local Penneys or Tesco and pick up a pair of cheap shoes!

•   Towel and warm, dry clothes for afterwards!

•   Some hot stuff! Flasks of tea, soup, hot blackcurrant...they'll all be much appreciated on the bus home!!  And chocolate bars or cereal bars!!  Nothing better than some sugar after a fun day on the water (avoid things that aren't in wrappers though, cause you won’t want to wait to wash your hands before eating them!).

Please ensure you have been to at least one pool session before signing up so we know you have completed your swim test!

Otherwise, you'll have to do your swim test in the river...

Sign-up strictly closes at 12:00PM Thursday afternoon. Any late sign-ups will be placed on a waiting list.

Please be reminded that if you sign-up and do not turn up for the trip without good notice, a charge of €5 will be applied.
NOTE TO EVERYONE: make sure to check on the day if post trip pints apply

1. Cian
2. Shanleyland
4. Hiace
5. Jonathan
6. Lauren
7. Maríosa
8. Ming
9. Summer
10. Finnished
11. Melinda
12. Mark
13. Dan
14. Conor k
15. Andy 
16. Meabh
17. Mathew

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