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Week 12: Assessments

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Jack Van Lang:
So, Level 2 and Level 3 assessments will be taking place this weekend! If you're interested in giving it a go but you're not sure what the assessment involves, make sure to come along to a pool session this week and we'll talk you through it!
Details are as follows!

When:Sunday 28th April
Where: Liffey

Cost: €15! (€10 for the trip, €5 for the cert)

PLAN OF ACTION: Meet at the boat house at 10am and hit the road!   

If you don't know where the boat house is by now, it's on Google maps!:

What to bring:

        Bring any medication you might need, and inform a committee member if there are any conditions you think we should know about.

We have limited space on this trip and priority will be given to those who put their name down when Cian posted about it a while ago.

Sign up by commenting what level you intend to go for below!:

Level 3:
1.Conor Knowles
2.Meabh Lynch
3. Mariosa
4. Laureen

Level 2
5. Lauren Moore
6. Blathnaid
7. Rachel

I’ll be there, going for level 3 💃🏻

Going for level 3

I'll be there going for level 3

Capri Bum:
I'll be there for level 3

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