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Jack Van Lang:
Can anyone who is planning on driving down to varsities let me know how many spots you can take and how many boats you can take too.

Note that if you're on the WW or Freestyle team you will be driving down on Thursday eve whereas everyone else will be meeting us on Friday.

I’ll be driving the Saturday. Can’t take any boats though 🤷‍♂️ Can prolly bring 3 people  [/color][/size]

I'll be driving, I can take 2 people with luggage, or 3 people without (my car has zero boot space for people's bags or gear).

The mammy's been nice enough to lend me the car for the weekend! Will be heading off early on Friday morning! Two back seats up for grabs! No roof-racks so no boats but plenty of boot space for all things kayak and costume related!!!  ;D PM me on FB/WhatsApp/Insta  if ye want a seat!!! :discopaddler:

I’ll be driving also xoxo 2 Spots and 0 boats


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