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Jack Van Lang:
What is it:
ICUPS is an annual canoe polo competition for college students to promote canoe polo as a sport within colleges while building general kayaking skills and participation.

Who is it for:
ICUPS is suitable for anybody, from people who can barely paddle in a straight line to those who are representing the country at a national level. It’s open to any currently registered college students and any alumni of the club within a four-year grace period.

When is it:
The weekend of the 28th/29th of March, first matches commencing at 10am Saturday morning and prize giving hoping to be finished by 5 o’clock

Where is it:
It will be held in the Let’s Go Hydro facilities in the Knockabracken reservoir in Carryduff, Belfast. There are glamping pods available to book on the Let’s Go Hydro website from £70 for four people and camping is available from £30 a night. Several other accommodation options are available on the Let’s go Hydro website

How will it run:
There will be four divisions, divisions one through three being held concurrently and a women’s league being held around the other divisions. Division one will be aimed at advanced paddlers and polo players, division two will be aimed at those comfortable in a boat and comfortable rolling and finally division 3 will be for beginners and there will be a no pushing rule in place, as this division is aimed at beginners who probably can’t roll.
The ladies division can be made up of mixed-college teams if colleges cannot supply enough women for a full team. If this is the case for your college, please include in your registration how many women are interested and their level of competence so that we can ensure that these teams are somewhat even, as this division is meant to encourage female participation in polo and kayaking as a whole.

The competition will cost €10 per person and €100 per college for registration. Accommodation is separate and to be booked through the Let’s Go Hydro website

If you are interested:
Sign your name below please

1. Conor Healy
2. Simon
3. Cian
4. Conor K
5. Naddy
6. Ailbhe T
7. Jonathan
8. Matthew
9. Blathnaid
10. Meabh
11. Mariosa
12. Jesse Flinter
13. Jack

Jack Van Lang:
Yes, I would like to go and spectate

Im in for div 2 or womens

Potentially div 2

Div 2


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