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Cathal Gillen:
Hi guys,
Gauging numbers as to if people are interested in pursuing their instructor qualifications. Anybody interested in completing their Level 1 Kayak Instructor Qualification please reply to this post!

Candidates must :

 1. Have begun training for the Level 3 Kayak Skills Award

2. Be registered as a member with Canoeing Ireland.

3. Be at least 16 years of age at the time of application.

4. Have unrestricted access to a fully equipped kayak, personal equipment, and additional equipment as listed for a Level I Kayak Instructor Assessment.

5. Submitted your Garda vetting form

1. Cathal
2. Méabh
3. Conor K
4. Emma B
5. Maríosa
6. Cian B
7. Shanley
8. Conor H

I’m interested, what’s the gear required?

Me !

Capri Bum:
Would love to, but need to get level 3 skills first

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Capri Bum:

--- Quote from: Conork on August 25, 2020, 22:03:55 ---I’m interested, what’s the gear required?

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An RNLI rib

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