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Unit Bill:
The Captain shall endeavour to ensure that the aims and objectives of the club shall be attained. The Captain shall be responsible to the committee and they in turn shall be responsible to all members of the club. No member may stand for the Captaincy unless he / she has attended at least 50% of club meetings or activities in the year preceding their term. Nominees for the Captaincy must be in at least their second year in the club, must be a student of the college during their term of office and should have served at least one year on the committee. The Captaincy can only ever be held once and for a maximum duration of one year.
The position of Captain requires four nominations.

Nominate Maríosa Bryceland

Unit Bill:
Nominate Mark Hoare

Second Mark Hoare

Capri Bum:
Nominate Conor Knowles
(Plz don't kill me :P)


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