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Safety Officer

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Unit Bill:
The Safety Officer shall endeavour to ensure that any measures that the committee deems necessary for the safety of all club members be implemented. The Safety Officer shall be suitably experienced for this task in the eyes of the outgoing committee. These measures, in the form of a Safety Paper, shall be recorded in the minutes at the first committee meeting and subsequently may be amended at further meetings. The Safety Officer may recommend removal of membership of any person who fails to heed the Officer's instruction.

The Safety Officer will oversee the development of river running skills up to and including Level Three Kayak Skills proficiency. The Safety Officer will ensure the availability and visibility of the club Safety Document to all members.

The position of Safety Officer requires Four nominations and the approval of the current committee.

Nominate Matthew Duffy

Capri Bum:
Second Matthew Duffy

Unit Bill:
Third Matthew Duffy

Fourth Matthew Duffy


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