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Senior Treasurer

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Unit Bill:
This Officer shall be solely responsible for ensuring that there is no misuse of club funds, by the committee outlined above, and for conducting a bi-annual audit of all club accounts.
The term of office of the Senior Treasurer shall be one year, and this may be renewed at the request of the Committee.He/She must be a graduate of the college.He/She must receive Athletic Union Council approval as set out in the Athletic Union Council Clubs Operations Manual.The Senior Treasurer should attend committee meetings, and is not a voting member at such meetings.The Senior Treasurer shall act in the role of Graduate Liaison Officer, keeping graduate members informed of club activities.He/She will assist the Treasurer in completing club accounts for the Annual General Meeting.
The Senior Treasurer Requires Four Nominations.

Nominate Emma Baker

Capri Bum:
Nominate Robbie Greene

Second Emma Baker

third Emma Baker


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