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EGM Sept 22/Equipment officer nominations

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Due to unforeseen circumstances, our beloved Quippy has unfortunately stepped down from his position. As such, we will have an EGM on Thursday 29th September to vote in a new quippy. This post will be edited within the next few days with venue and time. 

Due to a few teething problems with the forum, this thread will serve as the nominations for equipment officer. As such please refrain from commenting anything other than a nomination/second.

The role of equipment officer is as follows:

The Equipment Officer shall be responsible for maintaining all club equipment and ensuring that all club premises be kept in a good state of organisation and cleanliness.  The Officer shall also recommend what purchases should be made and keep an inventory of what equipment is available and any losses incurred throughout the year.

The Equipment Officer must be of level 3 river kayak skills standard.

The position of Equipment Officer requires two nominations.

Capri Bum:
Lorcan MacAudi

Nominate Luke Hodkinson

Second Lorcan MacAudi

Second Luke Hodkinson


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