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I want to spend money


I will have a bit of cash come the end of the summer
enogh to buy new or second hand and get a few other things
Firstly I am 5'8" and around 13.5 to 14 stone thats about 190lbs
I have been told booster 55 would be the right sort
So what I want is a boat that is good on rivers, surfs and may be able to a trick or two but is not really a playboat so any and all suggestions are welcome and who knows this time I might just keep the money together and get something :roll:


--- Quote ---So what I want is a boat that is good on rivers, surfs and may be able to a trick or two but is not really a playboat
--- End quote ---

Sounds like an Inazone 230 to me....  Not great for serious creeking, but perfect for anything up to and including the Dargle.  Great river runner, good surfer, good for the basic tricks, great alround boat.  Shouldn't cost you more than €500 - €600 - the higher price for one in great nick.

Be careful someone doesn't try to sell you an Inazone Sport - these are not good for anything over grade III - so even grade III+ would present problems.  The Sport has rope grab loops instead of plastic, and poorer outfitting, so you'll be able to identify it and some of them even say "Sport" on the hull.  I think the plastic isn't as strong though...

Other than that you could think about a Dagger Outlaw (Mick Moore has one) - you might be a tad small for it, but check one out.  Mick, and Mark Chambers who bought one recently, swear by the boat.

I recently bought a Dagger Ego, and love it - surprisingly great river runner, good playboat, magic in surf.  Again not a serious creeker.  For the heavier gent there is the super Ego, our illustrious Captain has one.

The EZ, or Big EZ, is another great bet, does all the stuff you are looking for.  Mickle, or, if he can bring himself to talk about it, Jim would be the boys to talk to there.

Alan will also no doubt put in a schpeak for the S6 which is another great boat.  And of course other people will have some good ideas for you.  Overall, given what you are looking for, I'd put the Inazone theoretically at the top of your list, and see how you get on with it and the other boats.

You could also try the freestyle page and see a few boat reviews there - just beware of these that what suits one paddler may not suit another - the best thing is to get in the boat yourself and find out if you love it or hate it.

Good luck buddy.

i too am now in the hunt for a brand spanking new secound hand boat. ideally i want an ego. i've got about €600 to make one appear with. anyone know someone selling theirs?

Get in touch with Donogh Burns.He has an Ego that he has been talking about selling.Dont have his no. on me right now but loads of people do.Give him a shout


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