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A friend of mine has a pyranha Attack for sale. €400 and its yours. Just leave a message here and I'll pass it on.

Mr C:
you mean he'll give me €400 and then its mine?!! sweet...but i dont know what i'm gonna do with a big horrible lump o' plastic like that?? :P

That doesn't help Colin, and besides the  Attack is smaller than you boat, so it's hardly a "big lump of plastic".

Play Nice now.

Hey colin we could melt it down and make a complete set of patio furniture from it, or a nuclear fall out shelter as the plastic is so heavy its denser than lead.
Come on Brendino don't steal from your own, its ok to sell it to trinity  but not some poor innocent on this board.

As I said, a friend asked me if I knew anybody who might be interested so I posted up here. Thanks though. I'm sure it'll really sell now with your comments. And Wackers, I hear that they do really good patio furniture in Woodies now.


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