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« on: December 18, 2006, 12:28:24 »
Just thought I'd jump on Bex's paddling abroad bandwaggon and put my idea out there. Have a vague idea of a trip 'planned' whereby I go paddling around an area called Cascade. My cousin is getting married over there and on the invite to the wedding she told me this....

'And...Idaho IS THE BEST WHITEWATER IN THE US.  Really.  Ben and I have done several trips, including an eight day trip on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River this summer.  We usually raft, but there were kayakers with us too.  If you came out we would get you on the water--Ben's parents are in a small town called Cascade.  It's an hour and a half north of Boise.  The Payette river runs through town, there's an easy stretch and some very difficult sections too (class II-VI!).  Ben's dad has an old kayak, but there are plenty of rental shops and probably some friends who's arms we could twist for you.'

Flights would be about a grand and I'd be 'planning' two weeks (maybe a little more!) around the 27th of July (thats when she's getting married). My uncle has also offered me his VW van so that would help.

If anyone is vaguely interested in tagging along sure we can chat about it in Kerry.

Thats my 'plan' anyway.


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Re: Idaho
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That sounds like a pretty savage plan.

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Re: Idaho
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Idaho , youdapimp!

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All you girls should be proud of yourselves! I'm loving all this girly paddling talk. fair play!

After much discussions with me girl friends here, i'm starting all girl biking trips :) don't get me wrong, boys are great. im a big fan - really! but when it comes to sport, it sometimes really nice to go just with girls.

(this is probably from going biking/boating/climbing/hiking for the last 6 months with lots of smelly boys)

thats my ramble for the day,
my two cents

Lorco x

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Re: Idaho
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For Lorco
Meet these girls in Uganda, sound just like what your looking for!

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Re: Idaho
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Lorco, you mis-spelled bikini trips.

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Your a gas man Killian!