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Ladies Summer Alps trip
« on: March 23, 2007, 16:50:21 »
Got this off Kim Siekerman, her and Rosie Cripps are running what looks to be a really class alps trip designed specifically for girls. I know if I wasnt going to Idao I'd be all over this but was thinking some of the girls from this club might be interested????? Once you are of level 3 standard in paddling and are attempting to roll (something which you can get improved before you go) this sounds like the perfect trip. Its also amazing value (ie really cheap!)


Hi Everyone,

With spring in the air and summer coming, I'd like to let yous all know that there are plenty of plans for the coming season. One of them a freestyle weekend in Clifden, tailored to ladies. The dates for that still have to be confirmed, but I think it will be somewhere in May, and I'll post it up on the new Irish Freestyle website soon!


I've also lined up with Rosie Cripps, a wicked female paddler from the UK, that has featured in loads of films and has a very impressive list of freestyle and boatercross result in the international field. We are organising a week's trip to the French Alps to focus on ladies creeking. If you know anyone who might be interested, send this mail on!

A short outline of the week is to start off class II-III (Alpine paddling is a bit different than Irish paddling as it is more continuous and more volume) and work our way up to the more classic Alpine stretches.
It will be a course for ladies, by ladies, and we'd like to have special attention for ladies paddling/learning styles and how to develop and get most out of your strenghts. We will also spend time on the so called 'new school' techniques, as they are hugely beneficial for women as they save power and maximize output, and take time to really feel confident at organising trips and making safe river decisions by knowing our own ability.
Included in the trip is:

      accommodation (a very cool cottage),
      6 full days coaching/guiding mix on all the cool stretches in the French Alps,
      the transport of your kayak during the course (and from and to airports if needed) and
      a very helpful video diary that we will be working with during the week (if you think that might help you improve).
      The ratios will be 1 to 3, and there will be one rest day in the middle of the week to spend at your own leisure (lots to see!).

The only thing to take care of yourself will be getting there and transport during the week. As to food: the night of arrival we will cook for you, but the rest of the week will be self catered as we know from experience people will want to have their own choice in the gourmet region that we will be in.

The dates are in the end of May/start of June, arriving on the 25th. Depending on interest, we will run another trip the week after.

Let me know if you're interested, and send this on to anyone you think might like to come on the course.


See you soon on the water!

Cheers Kim