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Level 4 proficiency Training
« on: November 12, 2003, 11:19:57 »
There is a level 4 proficiency training weekend being planned for the weekend of the 22nd and 23th of November. The course will be given by Benny and will happen in wicklow over the 2 days. This will be dependant on two things, One that there is water and two that the club trip on the saturday doesn't require Benny or rescue or the club boats that might have to be borrowed. If this is the case the course will only be on Sunday. Or we can incorporate it into the club trip on sarurday and have are own day on sunday. The course costs 20euros which will be refundable after you complete the course. There may be some lose in this deposit as expenses may have to be taken away for benny and any assistance that he may have. Simon Barry can assess so maybe on a later date we can organise an assessment.
    This course is open to those who have there level 3 proficiency. Unfortunately there is only 8 places on the trip and since i'm doin it that leaves only 7 places. So first come first serve, i'll be at the pool on thursday and on the trip on saturday or my number is 0861988442 and you can arrange to meet me to give me the money