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Title: Lost and found
Post by: kmck on October 08, 2003, 14:54:38
Okay I know there are a few people who are at this moment missing gear
If anyone has extra gear call me( 087 9051983) or leave a message and I will arrange to collect it off you. Also could those who have lost gear post its description to make it easier to find.

Thank you

Remember when you borrow gear always give it back to the person you borrowed it off.
Title: borrowing gear
Post by: joxer on October 08, 2003, 19:13:45
What type of "gear" are you on about. I hope nothing illegal is happening. You could get impeached otherwise
Title: Lost and found
Post by: wingnut on October 09, 2003, 11:18:05
I thought much the same .. all this talk of gear and trips and freshers was making me quite nostalgic :shock:

Can't remember losing any 'gear' though , but the old memory ain't what it used to be :?

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