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Re: Update on club matters
« Reply #30 on: December 18, 2015, 18:24:47 »
The first group to approach us was sea kayakers, when we circulated it we got a response from providers for a guiding award to an add on to the instructorship.

In sea kayaking there is a gap in instructor numbers and skills. They want to bring people out but have buggered up their system really the level 3 is the work horse award on rivers but the level 4 is needed in the sea due to changeable environment.

Technically a level 2 river instructor could bring a group in slack water on a journey no more than 50m from the coast.

At the moment what we have proposed is at grade 2 water conditions, grade 3 is peer to peer so if you have a level 4 paddler in a group technically you are okay in that scenario. You wouldn't be brining that many beginners on grade 3 anyway

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Re: Update on club matters
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I understand it completely from the sea kayakers' perspective. Sounds like a brilliant thing for them. For WW it seems like it could become a roadblock almost...