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« on: December 16, 2006, 20:34:04 »
Hey guys,

Anyone interested in Zambia next summer? I'm thinking about heading over next August. According to the kayakthezambezi site, the water level is medium-low and incredible.

Visa not required for Irish nationals for a period of ninty days in any 12 month period.

Flights - apparently the way to go is through South Africa. But that sounds too messy for my liking when ba fly to Ivingstone for roughly a grand, and to Lusaka for the same. Return flights of course, cos I gotta to come back to college for one more year. But I'll have a better look again when I get back, cos I reckon you'd be able to get a much better deal. And I'll have a chat with Jamie of kayakthenile and see if he has any better ideas re flights.

Also talking about 250e to 300e for vaccines if you haven't of em. And malaria tabs.

So, any takers?


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Re: Zambia
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I'm with you, i'm thinking a month end of august beginning of sept.

bring on the fun.

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Re: Zambia
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I'm heading to the SLAMBEZI september/october!!

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Re: Zambia
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I hate you all, PhDs suck and so does dental work. Enjoy send us loads of stories and then we can go and not make any mistakes using your wisdom.

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Re: Zambia
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undecided as always. I'll surprise you.

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Re: Zambia
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Re: Zambia
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