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People who post crap WILL have their post count reduced to zero.....

how long will this thread have to be to get me back to 200. Dan you gave no warning :( oh well

I was notpartofthis mad rush to see who would get to 200 first, though admitely I post alot of crap so fair is fair I suppose. I wouldlike to add that thedamm space bar is fecked on this computer.

b-b-but up until yesterday i've been really good. admitidly last year i was a bad ickle boy who came home from work at 5 in the morning and posted losts of random crap. but i got that problem mostly sorted out over the summer. i feels sad now. i miss seeing a big number next to my name. i just hope that this doesnt back fire dan. its probably a good idea though

Mr C:
In two days you guys have managed to put up another 30 posts between yaz...Some bleedin boyos i tells ya!!


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