Author Topic: COMPLETE LIST- kerry lost property- in boathouse  (Read 1856 times)

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COMPLETE LIST- kerry lost property- in boathouse
« on: February 01, 2011, 18:39:28 »
Hi here is a list of everything that was left in Kerry. It can be found in the boathouse in 2 black bags with a sign above them saying "lost property".

NOTE- Unfortunately someone threw everything out of the bag, most likely when they were looking for something of their own they had lost, and left it there (i.e. on the boathouse floor). As a result a lot of the stuff has become very dirty, damp and one or 2 things even have a few specks of mold beginning to form... this is a pity as a lot of the stuff is very nice and could have been given to charity if not claimed.

That said, most the stuff should be ok after a good wash  :)


-white towels x3 (one has yellow stars at the end of it)
-light blue towel
-navy towel
-large cream towel

-pink UCD canoe club hoody
-grey/green zippy fleece "rei polartec" brand
-blue "russel athletic" hoody
-Blue "Sutton Park School" child's fleece with red on sleeves and "conway" written on the label in marker
-grey "scandia" zip up fleece
-blue jack jones hoody
-Grey "burton" zip up hoody
-Grey cardigans x2

-plain white tshirt
-dark green "Zakynthos island" tshirt
-white "polo jeans/ralph lauren" tshirt
-pink "taylor hvac heating &airconditioning" tshirt
-grey tshirt L
-White "my destruction" band tshirt
-orange dunnes tshirt

-Large cream blanket
-large white "cedarwood" shirt
-grey tracksuit bottoms (possibly paul mallees)
-black leather jacket girls?
-lily allen bag with a grey tshirt in it
-mint colour girls runners
-black+grey infernoo300 sleeping bag
-grey fleece glove
-black thermal trousers & top (with red lining at neck)
-pair of brownish hiking/runners shoes

POST UP IF ANY OF THE STUFF IS YOURS, you can collect it at the saturday trip or we can arrange something else. I'd say we will just dump stuff or let people take their pick if the stuff isn't claimed in 2 weeks or so  :)


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Re: COMPLETE LIST- kerry lost property- in boathouse
« Reply #1 on: February 01, 2011, 19:26:48 »
The black termals with red trim sound like mine, their a a set from aldi I bought the previous year. If anyone wants them they are welcome to them as I have alot of termals.
You may want to send that list around on the email list.
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Re: COMPLETE LIST- kerry lost property- in boathouse
« Reply #2 on: February 03, 2011, 00:01:17 »
Thanks Carla, that's great! I don't own anything there, but if no-one claims the pink hoodie I'd give it a good home! Also, if we're donating stuff to charity I'll take a washing machine load home to get it in shape :)