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« on: January 05, 2004, 09:50:08 »
Hey Guys,
Just wondering if anybody has seen my torch. It's black with a yellow rim around the bulb and a yellow strap. It's sort of rubber/waterproof. I brought it up to the Club house on the night of the slippery flor wrestling party. It was on the kitchen table before it (the table) got moved out of the way to create the squared ring for the Peoples Elbow, Pile Drivers, Half Nelsons and Sleeper Holds.

Did it turn up at all when/if you guys cleaned the house, or did anybody borrow it for the walk home. Man it's dark down there. There were some trinity peoples and real oldies at the party too.

If anybody has my torch please get in contact. I'm vety attached to it. Well I used to be anyway, if you get my meaning.